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Monday, March 3, 2008

On the twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...... a bill for the eleven cars for my whole family....... I guess it's true what they say, nothing in life is free!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

On the eleventh day of Christmas...

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Mini for grandma, she'll be all the envy of her church group, but better not take the pastor along, he may risk losing his "toop" in her ragtop! A grown up version of a radio controlled car, fast and quick as if on rails, Grandma better turn down that rap music or she'll start getting hate mail, Grandma will wring this exquisite convertible out for all it's worth, Grandpa better take his nitroglycerin before riding along with Grandma as she burns up the turf. Grandma will enjoy her little bee yellow ride, although it stings the road more like a hornet. quite the bees knees inside, part Rolls Royce without the affectation, with way more flirtation, a motoring version of a smiley face, like a giant taste of a youth potion guzzled down, just the pill to take care of life's certain bumps a lifetime friend to fly you along!

On the tenth day of Christmas...

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Dodge Charger RT for grandpa, oh woe is me Grandma will think as old Gramps flies by in a blink. Gramps deserves this awe inspiring machine complete with a Hemi, not a penny spared ,top of the line even with AWD. It will take whatever Gramps dishes out without doubt. Oh I can't wait for gramps to pull up at a light next to some young punk kids, he'll play along and look all bewildered and lost but they’ll be eating his exhaust the minute that light turns green, oh the look on those teens faces. Gramps will feel young again with a lilt in his step, he sure has enough pep to keep in step, a promise kept to give gramps the car he always wanted but let go so he could put four kids through school ,now he’ll have a car that is the epitome of cool, a red white and blue warrior that will only increase in value over the years ,so enjoy grandpa only you have the spirit to drive such a machine ,you will make green with envy all who see you pass by; fast!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On the ninth day of Christmas....

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a big 'ol Chevy Suburban for dear old dad, so big it should be drawn using archicad, yet room to spare isn't so bad. All the space to take the whole clan to the lake when summer first brakes it's cover from the winter flakes, and with all that ground clearance and AWD he won't have to hesitate to journey out on a stormy night, ESP will keep the 'burban on the road with all it's might, in fact driving the 'burban in snow is as easy as flying a kite, when the going gets tough it will keep dad out of a snow drift. all that room for the whole clan is the real gift, dad always loves his family together, whether you choose the 5.3 or 6.0 V8, both make seamless power ,it can tow his airstream without any trouble. A vehicle with a long pedigree, its size and utility are the key to all that longevity. I know the gas mileage is low, and gas prices are way too high, but that won't keep dad from living life without letting a single day slip by. he'd happily use the money he worked so hard for to get more out of life by experiencing it all , and I know this Suburban will answer the call, big and roomy, ready for anything, at the extreme end of the automotive scene , yet for dad just what he will need, a truck so big I think I will need to give dad a deed along with the key.

On the eighth day of Christmas....

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Toyota Avalon for Mom, wait 'till she sees. Just perfect for driving all the grand kids to and fro, with an industry best engine it keeps mom on the go. It handles well for a big car, while tearing up the tar. fast with 268 hp. the luxury car that doubles as a hot rod. Plenty of room for everyone and the dog. In fact more interior room than my last limo ride, it's a mystery to me how they got that much space inside. The interior goes against the tide with brush metal and light wood trim the interior is so quiet the only noise is the din of the road as each mile ticks by a flying living room that can really zoom. a magic carpet ride i wish it was mine, but just the same I'm so happy mom will finally have some "game", oh how she deserves this ride, how she ever put up with us all and didn't die, I'll never know. So enjoy the peace and quiet of the tranquil bullet train because your on the way to pick up the grand kids who I know will one day drive you insane,

On the seventh day of Christmas....

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Honda Ridgeline for brother number three, he's the one with two busy boys, you should see his car when ever they travel he must drag along all those toys. The Ridgeline would suit him just fine, with all the comforts of an Accord inside plus the utility of a pickup out back, there's nothing this truck lacks. With a cap placed nice and snug the Ridgeline could really get the job done. The muddy bikes out back separate from the crew it sure saves the kids having to say "euuuu" when the grimy gear splashes on them on a curvy trail, that alone seals the sale. The interior simple yet plush, not as much a pickup as a luxury "SUV sedan" only san the trunk lid, no big truck drive here it feels like your driving a really funky Accord it handles every road without becoming untoward. Power is divine and the brakes keep arrant deers from becoming something in which to dine, the Ridgeline will handle any mission just fine. So brother enjoy you can finally load all that gear without a single swear, or that occasional muscle tear.

On the sixth day of Christmas

On the sisxth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Scion Xb, for brother number two he'll know just what to do. He'll lower it and put on big wheels, even if it means some meals will be skipped to save up the green, he'll make it into one bad machine. The Scion is still the best bang for the buck, only 17 clams and you get a ride with an Emeril bam! OK it's not as cool to look at as before, and it costs a little more, but now it's a real car, what seals the deal is it can now take on cars costing a lot more, and unlike them it will nor bore. Fit and finish is Lexus grade, this Scion really has it made in the sun, and yes it still is fun, only in a grown up way ,like for example, you can drive all day without feeling like you've been driving a one horse open sleigh. The cornering is flat as a super models physic, and it now has power ,it is no longer meek, it can haul now with the best of them no need to fear that third lane, you'll find the driving experience anything but tame. The interior is a model for space utility and flexibility, you look out high like nobility this is no mere underpowered econo- "I can't afford a real set of wheels", instead it's unique demeanor will even appeal to the well healed. A four door Swiss army knife, perfect for bro to start his new life of independence and fun, the Xb is not merely a ride but a journey yet begun.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Onthe fifth day of Chrismas....

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Subaru SE for auntie. She would be in a bad mood if she found uncle had received a new Malibu with nothing left for her , boo hoo. So Auntie will be happy to know she will get through the winter in style with AWD on guard every mile. The Subaru uses it's trademark boxer engine, eases the tension of a winding road with a low center of gravity ,it will swallow any cavity the path may provide ,with her new Subie there will be no need to hide on a snowy day, she will now be able to come out and play. The Subie is neither too small nor too big, it has vigor in the turns, with enough power to scoot, its workmanship is perfect to boot. Forgotten among the newer flashier cars , it can still kick the tar out of those big SUV's on the road, yet it still can brave that snow. The perfect mix of ability and class, don't pass up this terrific ride, auntie I'm sure will nearly die, when she sees her new golden Subie gleam, a lot more car than it seems. Perfect for her, she doesn't need a big backseat, hauling her clan of four is no big feat. So enjoy auntie you deserve it, the Subie will be a big hit at the mall or the school lot, a choice with some mox, not just another big box.

On the fourth day of Chrismas

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a new Chevy Malibu for my uncle Stew. You know the new one, I'm sure you've seen the adds a ton, "the car you can't ignore", the one with that poor girl that keeps hitting the drivers door, I'm sure it left her sore. The Malibu will hit the spot, big backseat,at least for his two little tots, power for the highway, cornering with a German accent, driving it is time well spent. The design is fresh with a touch of Acura TL in the DNA, wow GM has gone a long way. The brick and black leather is a daring move, just the right place to put unc in the mood ,for a brisk commute to pick up daughters number two, from soccer or ballet, it will make uncles day. The new Malibu is a welcome addition it still isn't quite as good as Accord or Camry, yet it's road manors sing well enough for a Grammy. GM should be proud they have built a car that doesn't need to be put under a shroud it's owners can call out it's name loud.